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Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

This bluetooth transmitter is the perfect way to add audio to your next party. This device has a 3. 5mm jack and an aux in so you can connect your other audio devices. The transmitter also has a configuration help guide to get started.

Audio Bluetooth Transmitter

Audio bluetooth transmitter the audio bluetooth transmitter is a great tool for connecting audio devices to your phone. It takes advantage of bluetooth protocol to let you stream audio without any require a separate app or website. Additionally, the transmitter can be used to transmit audio from your phone's music player to other audio devices, such as speakers or headphones. once you have created a sound card and audio card with which you can connect your audio devices, you can start listening to your music. The audio bluetooth transmitter offers both a free and subscription-based service. The free service will give you a single sound card with audio and music support, while the subscription service will provideovens of future features and updates. You can get the audio bluetooth transmitter here.

Wireless Audio Transmitter For Tv

This tv pc bluetooth audio transmitter is perfect for controlling your tv and other electronics from your arm or shoulder armlet. 3 in 1 usb bluetooth 5. 0 audio transmitter adapter for tv pc car 3. this bluetooth audio transmitter for your tv is perfect for turning your tv into a digital audio output. This device can control your tv with easy-to-use buttons and controls. The bluetooth audio transmitter can connect to your tv via the 3. 5mm jack and provide audio and video streaming to your computer or phone. the bluetooth transmitter audio key features a listening experience that is second to none. With this device you can control your music and videos with ease while you are away at work or travelling. this audio jack bluetooth transmitter is perfect forbt andwaus. It is a great for syncing with your phone of course. The transmitter also includes a built in speaker for making music or talk shows. This is a great device for all sorts of audio needs.