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The rockville audio punisher 10d2 is the latest and most powerful car audio speaker in the 10000 watt or more noise level category. Rated at 10, 000 watts, this speaker is class d and compatible with the latest batch of ford shelby gt350 engines. The 10, 000 watt peak competition car audio sound is designed to provide the listener with the best sound quality possible. 1250 watt rms sound quality.

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This is a 12" pre-amp with 8" of 700 watt class a sound. It's dual class a main and 8" of 2-ohm class a backup. It's perfect for music, video, or gaming. The 12" size is large enough to hear the sound detail well, while the 8" size is big enough to hear the sound force. This is a cea compliant audio subwoofer with a dual 2-ohm level and 8" level. It has a 10" height and a 3" depth. It is made of plastic and has a black finish. the 12d1 is a high-quality, professional audio subwoofer designed for the competitive car driver. It features a 12, 000 watt peak performance and 1400 watt rms power to give you the power you need to hear the difference between a new or used car. This audio subwoofer can handle high volumes and is capable of producing truefull sound quality. the 12d2 is a great choice for anyone looking for a loud and clear audio experience. It features 12 pounds of sound power and is made of reinforced plastic and brass. It also has an 45-day warranty, making it easy to use and maintain. this 6. 5 suv car audio subwoofer dual is a great way to fill out your car with audio. It's dual 1-ohm resistors make it easy to set up and the kef design makes it look good. The kef logo is stamped on the front face and there are two on the back. This audio subwoofer is compliant with the cea design and has a 2-ohm rating. It's then output into a 0-ohm resistance speaker. This speaker is backed by a no-cost customer warranty.